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Technology Expert


Technology Expert is one of the leading information technology in Libya, working in different sectors like, banks, Telecom, Oil and Gas companies, Health sector, education, government, institutes, and private sector.

Company was founded in 2008 under the name of Technology Expert for Computer & Communication System (Technology Expert Co.) by a number of computer engineers specializing in technology field

our vision

We want to build a long-term stable IT Group that can provide customers in Libya with their IT needs. We shall be a focused on different market segments, and able to reply to any request.

our mission

Technology Expert Mission is to devise and implement creative IT and Engineering systems that combine business best practices with latest IT Technology, Thus maximizing the value of our Client’s installations and investments.

our business

our objective to fully understand our customer's busi¬ness processes and to deliver significant added value to our customers by developing solutions that dramatically reduce their costs and enhance their ability to adapt to changes in their markets.

We understand current and future customer needs and we meet their requirements and strive to exceed their expectations. A satisfied Technology Expert customer is one who will choose us again in the future. This is why customer satisfaction is an integral marketing priority.

Nothing will bring a smile to our faces rather than seeing happy customer using our products and services, and getting the passion of that, always asking for more.

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our methodology

We focus on technical innovation and the development of innovative technology solutions, enabling the company to meet the needs of our customers. We dedicate a portion of our annual revenue to research, development and training. This continuous training is part of the company’s methodology to keep our employees constantly connected to the latest technical developments so that they can capitalize on their skills in developing quality solutions and reliability.

our clients


Staff Capabilities and Experience

It is the strategy of Technology Expert to employ well-educated and experienced staff. Technology Expert invests in training its employees. The result is highly trained and experienced professional & stable staff.

Considering the diversified projects Technology Expert delivered through the past years, the result was diversified experience in different areas of IT business.